Custom-made shutters and window screens

At Renovarte Home Decoration we sell custom blinds and mosquito nets for all kinds of spaces and styles

Find shutters and window screens at the best prices in Renovarte´s decoration stores

Our broad catalogue features shutters that fit all kinds of spaces and projects. Shutters are a very important part of any room, since they give the space intimacy while shading the light through the windows. The shutters and window screens we have at Renovarte are made from the best materials and cloths currently available in the market.

In our Marbella store, you´ll find an endless variety of shutters: electric or manual, traditional or modern, rollable, Venetian, or safety ones

At Renovarte, we have the best shutters for windows, doors and exteriors. All made to measure! In addition, our catalogue features a great variety of types of shutters: motorized or electric shutters, traditional, rollable, exterior or safety ones – these are the ones that get blocked if they are forced.

If you´re looking for a custom-made window screen to purchase, at Renovarte you´ll find an updated catalogue with a variety of customized window screens

Window screens are especially convenient for some climates, like the mediterranean, that favor insects´ proliferation. Sliding window screens are in trend at the moment; they are made with resisting, high quality materials, and at the best prices.

We´ll install your shutters or window screens, and it´ll take us only a few minutes

If you still can´t decide which shutters to buy or which window screens to choose, at Renovarte we offer a complete advisory service in homes´ decoration, so you can make the right choice. And you needn´t worry about installation, our team of professionals will take care of that in the lesser time-frame possible.

It´s that easy!

Find us in our decor stores in Marbella and the province of Málaga, or call us to ask for a quote, with no obligation. We´ll be delighted to help you!

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