Personalize the walls in your home with wallpaper

At Renovarte Home Decoration we sell custom-made wallpaper for all types of spaces and styles

You can personalize the walls in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, or corridor with the best designer wallpapers you’ll find at Renovarte

Are you wishing to give your house a unique and innovative touch? Discover our wide array of wallpapers, and give your home a special touch. At Renovarte, you’ll find a great variety of the best-branded wallpapers, and we’ll advise you on colors, textures and designs so your choice is entirely to your taste.

papel pintado

Purchase some exclusive, enduring, high-quality wallpaper for the rooms in your home or business. Give your walls a unique personality!

You still don’t know which wallpaper to put on your bedroom´s walls? Come to our decor store in Marbella and we’ll show you an updated catalogue featuring different types of decorative paper, with: elegant designs, original patterns, endless colors, and unique textures.

Turn your house into a work of art by dressing its walls with Sartoria Murale. A creative and personalized decoration for your house, closer than ever!

If you wish to take exclusivity and uniqueness even further, in our decor stores we’ll recommend you a type of decorative paper called Sartoria Murale. Your walls will become some canvas where to express exciting images!

Visit our shop in Marbella, or contact us through our form or telephone, to receive a personalized service.

Our team of professionals, specialized in decoration, will help you choose the perfect wallpaper or Sartoria Murale for your house

Tell us your idea, we’ll advise you and make your quote with no obligation at all.

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