Personalize the walls in your home with paintings

At Renovarte Home Decoration we sell customized paintings

You can choose from an incredible collection of finished paintings or request a custom painting from our artist in the colors, styles and size of your choice.

Are you wishing to give your house a unique and innovative style? Discover our wide collection of paintings, and give your home a special touch.

We collaborate with an artist who personalizes each of her artworks according to the decoration and preferences of our clients.


Know a little more about the artist.

From a young age, she showed her gifts for drawing and painting
In her spare time, improving her technique by copying figures from her favorite books from school and from magazines that she found at his cousins’ house during the summer holidays.

At the age of eight she received from her parents her first box of colors, which she took care of with great care so that they would last as long as possible.

Her true passion: painting

In her adolescence, she practiced charcoal drawings, inspired by the illustrations in the book Martin Fierro, from which her love for horse figures was born, as well as that of the gauchos of the Argentine pampas.
As a young woman, she followed a teaching career and projected the development of drawing as a teaching method in children.
She married very young and was the mother of 5 children, so for many years she didn’t have time to fully dedicate herself to her passion, painting.

Today she can finally find a gap between family and work, which she has never abandoned, to develop all her talent and delight ourselves with different works, taken care of to the smallest detail and in an artisanal way from the assembly and priming of the frames that she uses, as well as the mixtures of paints (watercolors and acrylics) and materials such as fabrics, wallpapers, organanzas, rhinestones, leather and a long ect, since her inventiveness and creativity have no limits.

Within each collection of her, her pieces are unique, so you will be delighted and you will give your home that touch of UNIQUE AND INIMITABLE ART WORK

Are you interested in owning some original artworks for your home?

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