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What is the ideal upholstery for each piece of furniture?

In general, the characteristics of a sofa are defined by the use and place where you want to locate it. These aspects are very important to choose the right fabric with which it will be upholstered.

If the furniture will be in a room, it should be covered with a soft and comfortable fabric. But if you want to put it on the outside your upholstery should be strong and resistant. Therefore, in this post you will know which is the ideal upholstery for each piece of furniture.

Fabrics for upholstery

The fabrics with which the furniture is upholstered give them style and distinction, since there are plenty of materials and colors that you can choose to give your rooms a touch of charm.

These fabrics offer great versatility in decoration, which combine perfectly with cushions, curtains and other matching elements. Yourspaceswill be unique and original!

Types of upholstery ideal for each piece of furniture

To find the ideal type of upholstery it is essential that you choose the one that best suits the place and type of furniture. From there, you can choose any of these options for your sofa, armchairs, chairs and other furniture:

  • Cotton: cotton is the material most used for furniture upholstery because it is fresh, there are a variety of shades available, it brings naturalness to the environments and is hardy
  • Tweed: it is a wool fabric that is very much appreciated in furniture upholstery, it is usually quite soft and comfortable.
  • Velvet: another of the alternatives for upholstering furniture for its warmth and great softness. Perfect for sofa beds due to its delicate touch.
  • Cretona: this is a fabric that for decades was widely used to upholster armchairs, is flowered style and comes perfect to give a vintage touch to your furniture.
  • Chenille: it is a very soft fiber to the touch that can be mixed with silk, thread or cotton to give the sofas different versatile finishes.

These are the fabrics for upholstery used most frequently to re-upholster different types of furniture. As for artificial fibers you can find microfiber, polyester, acrylics, polyamide, polyurethane which are mixed with natural fibers to obtain stain-resistant finishes and easy to clean.

Aspects to take into account to choose the upholstery

When choosing the fabric to upholster your furniture, you have to know the use you want to give it, for example:

  • Whether it will be used by children or adults.
  • If you are going to use a lot (indoor-outdoor).
  • If the upholstery will have direct contact with sunlight.
  • Whether it is for decoration or daily use
  • If it matches the rest of the decoration.

As you can see, finding the perfect upholstery for your sofa is not difficult, with these recommendations you will achieve your idea. Do not hesitate to contact us with any question, we have a large workshop of upholstery and making to give you the best results.

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