Tel: 952 92 93 51
Tel: 952 92 93 51
Tapizar sofás

Upholstered sofa

tapizar sofás

Reupholster your sofa: we offer you the best fabrics and qualities of the market.

Who has not thought of changing the upholstery of that old sofa, for a new and different one that gives it a renewed look, that invites you to sit and enjoy it?

If you are wondering the same, you are in luck, because in Renovarte, we have YOUR solution. We are specialists in upholstering sofas and other furniture, thanks to many years of work and dedication.

tapizar sofás

And with all the benefits of our home delivery service

For greater comfort, we offer you our home delivery service where we will pick up your sofa to bring it to our workshop. Or if you prefer, you can bring it to the store. In the same way it happens when it is finished: if you wish, we can take it to your home or you can pick it up in our store. Everything as you are more comfortable.

In Renovarte, you can find the best service and the best fabrics to upholster your sofa.

If you need to make any inquiry, or tell us your needs, you can do it through our contact form or by calling us directly. We will be happy to help and advise you, and if what you need is a budget, we will do it without any commitment once we know what you need.

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