Tel: 952 92 93 51
Tel: 952 92 93 51
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Upholstering chairs

Upholstering your chairs: the best fabrics and qualities of the market for you

What if upholstering your chairs was not as expensive as you imagined? From Renovarte we want to offer you our upholstery service, through which you can upholster your chairs in the most simple and comfortable way for you: leaving that work in our expert hands to offer you a high quality work, style and design. We offer you a great variety of fabrics with which you can upholster your chairs, among which are cotton, velvet, leather and silk. In them you can find the ideal solution to renew the image and life of your chairs, while highlighting the decoration of your home.

From Renovarte we put at your fingertips the most extensive experience and professionalism to upholster your chairs and give them a new life.

You can contact us if you wish through the contact form or by calling us directly, so we can know your needs and help you in the best way we know how to do: with a professional service dedicated to you. Do not hesitate to ask us for a quote, we will do it without obligation.

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