Tel: 952 92 93 51
Tel: 952 92 93 51
Cortinas técnicas

Technical curtains

Discover our selection of technical curtains. A practical and elegant alternative for your home

If you are thinking of installing a technical curtain or if you have already decided, you are lucky because you have to know that this alternative is as good as the fabric curtains.

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Among the different types of technical curtains, you will find:

Roller blinds

This system is the most demanded and used, since it optimizes the entrance of light, in a very simple way, behaving like solar filter, so necessary in the hot months. The most used are: Screen, Black Out, Bamboo. Read more [+]

Vertical Curtain

This second system allows to control the entrance of light through vertical slats, which through their orientation allow more or less amount of light to pass. Read more [+]

Wood and aluminum venetian blinds

Composed of horizontal slats that allow you to transform natural light and provide privacy to your room. Read more [+]
If you want more information about these types of technical curtains, materials that we have for them and systems, do not hesitate to visit their sections within our website. Or if you prefer, you can contact us directly to ask us your doubts and to be able to help you.
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