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Reupholster a piece of furniture is a good option

You love your sofa because it is comfortable and has the perfect size, but you do not like your upholstery anymore. Why not reupholster it with a more modern fabric? In RenovArte, we help you reupholster all the furniture you want to keep.

Before deciding to reupholster a piece of furniture we should look for an expert upholsterer. A person who first checks if it is necessary to restore the piece internally (change the filling, check the structure …) before placing the new fabric.

If the furniture that you want to reuphols you like, it is comfortable and its design fits perfectly into the space of your home, why not extend your life and update it?

Also think that you can not only reupholster, but you can customize the furniture turning it into a unique piece with the help of the restoration. In RenovArte we are experts in turn your old furniture into unique pieces with a touch of elegance and style according to the decoration of your home.

When we decide to reupholster it is because the furniture has a great value for us, whether sentimental or economic. In recent years the culture of the reuse of furniture and purchase-sale of second-hand furniture has been extended and with it the restoration and reupholstering. Giving a second chance to a piece of furniture that is in perfect structural condition, allows us to customize it and turn it into the centerpiece of a space.

How to choose the fabric? For that we need to know the type of use that you give to the furniture that you want to reupholster. If it is a sofa or a chair that you will use a lot, we recommend fabrics with a lot of durability since they are thicker. If it is a piece of furniture whose final use is more decorative, we can choose thinner fabrics with more sophisticated designs.

In RenovArte we have a wide range of fabrics so you can choose the one that best suits what you are looking for and to see the effect of the fabric with the rest of the decoration of your home, we take the samples to your home and you we advise according to the decoration of the house. The classic comes back, bright colors such as blue and green, tacks, velvet…

The sofas, the chairs are the furniture that most often reupholster and it is wonderful to see how a space changes simply by making a change of upholstery.

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