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Prepare your house for spring

Spring is understood as a moment of change, renewal and energy, this is what your home should reflect when one of everyone’s favorite stations arrives.

Therefore, preparing your home for spring is essential to give a new air and allow its brightness to fill each space.

The changes and details can be subtle or big depending on the project you have in mind. But you should always focus on conditioning the exterior and interior areas with elements that allow all the beauty of the station to reach your home.

Key elements to renovate spaces in spring

There are certain elements that are key to give you that touch you are looking for your home during this season, elements that will help you enjoy the weather and light more easily.

Awnings, a place with shade adaptable to your needs

The choice of awning/blind to create a shaded area will help you enjoy more of the light, whether on a terrace or garden. There are several types where you can choose:

– The awning for balconies: it has a mechanism with two arms anchored in the banister. Ideal to install on terraces in height with banister or balconies.

– An awning of armsare recommended on outdoor terraces, large windows, in this case the arms are hidden behind the fabric. It is perfect to cover more space. It can be manual or motorized

– If you want something more personalized, the canopy awnings are an excellent option to have a nice view both from inside the house and from the outside.

The versatility of the pergolas

The arrival of spring will give new life to your garden, and if you like to be under the sun in an outdoor space; the versatile design and construction of the pergolas will allow you to better enjoy the outdoor areas.

Its simple base of 4 columns allows you to play with materials such as wood, concrete or aluminum, all very resistant to the different seasons of the year. While the designs are very different and you can choose between a classic or more modern style

The palillería, a modern and elegance touch

If you want to increase the comfort of your garden or terrace, this type of construction with its sliding fabric will bring together all the beauty and style you want. Its design of rails and pulleys allows you to use light to create a game of shadows and freshness according to your needs.

Blinds to give life to the interior

During this season we can not forget the interior of the house, and that is that the light that comes with spring can be renovating, but there are moments that we must regulate a little the entrance to not lose freshness. The use of blinds (aluminum, wood, bamboo) will help you perfectly with this function, in addition to giving a modern style, with a lot of character and appeal to your home.

Additionally we leave you some tips to make your home the ideal place for this spring:

– Take advantage of blinds to keep the house cool.

– Renew the color of the walls, the idea is to use light colors that attract spring light and contrast with bright colors playing with the decoration of the space.

– Give priority to floral plants and shrubs, they will be the best decorative element. The best thing is that you can also use them in the interior spaces.

Use your creativity and own style to remodel your house, and prepare for the arrival of spring with fresh spaces, full of life and adapted to your tastes.

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