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Tel: 952 92 93 51

Decoration shop in Fuengirola

decoration shop in Fuengirola

Renew, discover everything your decoration shop in Fuengirola offers you

From Renovarte we want to offer you the best: the best service and treatment with the best brands and qualities you can find in the market.

As a home decoration store, our goal is to make your house become your home and your idea to be real. That is why we offer you different options, ideas and solutions for what you want to get.

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Services we offer in our decoration shop in Fuengirola

Our services as a decoration shop in Fuengirola are based on offering you a wide variety of possibilities, all complementary to each other, with which to make your idea or project come true.

The services we offer you are:

Fabric curtains and curtains techniques

In this service you will find a wide range of fabrics for fabric curtains and a large number of materials for technical curtains. Whether you love the fabric curtains with which to give a touch of distinction to any room in your home, or be more practical and need a technical curtain, we invite you to visit our section of curtains where you can find your fabric perfect or your ideal material in the decoration for your home.

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We offer you the possibility of upholstering or reupholstering that sofa that makes you fall in love, or that comfortable chair worn out by time. Sofas, chairs, cushions, headboards … Whatever you need. We have a great variety of quality fabrics that will renew the image of all of them and will look like the first day. Guaranteed.

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From Renovarte we offer you a wide variety of types of awnings where you can choose and find the perfect awning for you. Through our help you only have to worry about choosing the one that can best adapt to what you are looking for, and the rest is our thing. We advise you, we discuss it together and we install it in your home without you having to do anything else.

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Refurbishment works

If you are thinking of giving a total change to your house or part of it, to transform it into your future idyllic home, this service interests you: building works, flooring, decorating, electricity and plumbingAs a decoration shop in Fuengirola that we are, we will help you in everything you need to make that small change to your life and your home. We will be happy to listen and advise you so that your idea becomes true in your new home.

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We have a large variety of catalogs of different brands, where you can find the perfect paper for your idea. Why paint when you can get an excellent finish with some of our high quality wallpapers? Patterns, colors, textures … Everything you can imagine for the walls of your home in the most elegant and innovative way.

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