Tel: 952 92 93 51
Tel: 952 92 93 51


Renovarte Awnings: covered awning, motorized, manual, veranda, for balconies, straight awning

A practical alternative when it comes to providing sun protection or lowering the intensity of light in the home, is without doubt the installation of an awning. In Renovarte we offer a wide range of awnings, so you can choose between all of them the option that best suits your tastes and needs.

Among the different types of awnings we offer: chest, motor or not, veranda, stor, windshield wiper with or without window … Each of them has special characteristics, so we will advise you of which is the best

And if what interests you a pergola we can also help you.

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If you want you can ask us for a quote, telling us what your needs are and what project or idea you have in mind. We will be happy to assist you as soon as possible.

Remember that at Renovarte we are here to help and advise you

Remember, in Renovarte we have extensive experience in awnings and we will always work to offer you the highest quality to make your project a reality

If you wish you can contact us through the contact form, or by calling us directly for a more direct treatment. From Renovarte we will be happy to listen to you, advise you and help you realize that idea you have in mind. If you are interested you can also ask us for a quote. We will do it without commitment

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